Wholesalers in Cape Town
Why pay Retail if you can buy Wholesale ?



Wholesalers in Cape Town

Are you looking for Wholesalers in Cape Town? ,then this is the place where you will find importers, distributors and wholesalers of bags,shoes,plastic ware, glass ware, fashion accessories etc.
Why pay retail if you can buy wholesale? Buy in bulk and save.
Always wanted to start your own business but didn't know where to go or where the wholesalers in Cape Town are? 
This site was started when the need was realized to list all the wholesalers in Cape Town on one site. 
You will find on this site wholesalers of bags, shoes, fashion accessories ,
watches ,crockery , plastic ware, kitchenware, cosmetics, clothing, hats and caps, bedding 
and furniture, fabric and haberdashery, sweet and general merchants, electrical ,computers
hardware , gas and appliances, Sterling silver and gold jewelry, Spices and Inscence 
sticks Agharbhatti ,Airtime, stationary ,packaging and shopfitting and displays.

Here you will also find sweet and candy wholesalers in Cape Town as well as grocery wholesalers for your everyday birthday parties as well as for school functions or church bazaars. Are you looking for Tshirt wholesalers in Cape Town ?

We also have a large variety of food and chocolate wholesalers in Cape Town as well as tobacco merchants and cigarette wholesalers on our website.
In the useful tips and sites page you will find topics like how to start your own business ,
Marketing your business, to where to go for business plans, free software to download 
and also free information.
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Business Advertising
Are you looking to advertise your business or website on this first page? We will advertise it with links to your site as well
as a small write up of your business with contact details and the lot for 
R 150 per month or R 1500 for the year.

If you don't have a website then we can design a page on our website like we did for 

Big Boy Crockery or Bargain Warehouse or Shado Wholesale with 20 pictures and description of your products and we will only charge you R 500 per month.

So if you don't have a website and want a page on www.wholesalersincapetown.co.za we will charge only R 500 per month with your own page on this website. We will insert a free counter on your page so that you can see how many unique visitors come to your page ,as well as a Google map to your business.
When you do any other type of advertising do you really know how many people look at your ad. How do you quantify it.

Where can you buy advertising for R 150 per month which are running 24 hours ,365 days of the year. The R 150 would be for a small write up of your business and a link to your website and also on the page of wholesalers of the industry you are in.

What are you waiting for ? The internet never sleeps. Remember business exist because of getting new customers all the time.Buy directly from the factories in China and cut out the middle man. Click below

Contact us on now info@wholesalersincapetown.co.za or 0765556632 or at

This is some of our advertisers listed below. Your business can also be listed here from only R150 per month.


Shado Wholesale

   Call us: 021 696 8445

Big Boy Crockery

Big Boy Crockery 

Vivace Afrikaans bags wholesale


Vivace Bags wholesale

Giant Hyper 

Cotton Road Bags wholesale

Cotton Road Bags Wholesale


Karas Wholesale Suppliers
www.karas.co.za Noer 076 555 6632


Also available USA, SA, UK
bandanas R10 each min 12
54 cm x 54 cm
WhatsApp Noer 0765556632
Enamel Mugs R 7-00 each 6 cm in
diameter in beige ,white, green . 
8 cm mugs R8-00 each
9 cm mugs R12-00 each
10 cm mugs R20 each
minimum 12

Dinner Plate available in 22 cm ,
24 cm  and 26 cm in green 
white and beige
Enamel Mugs 8 cm R 8-00 each
in green , white and
 beige minimum 12

16 cm cash bowl or porridge bowl in
 white , beige, green
Noer 0765556632
Enamel Rice Plate available in 22 cm ,
24 cm and 26 cm in
white, green, beige

4 cup and 6 cup Aluminium kettle 20 cm Aluminium kettle

8 cm stainless steel mug 7 cm / 8 cm stainless steel goblet

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       60 LEDs rechargeable light
              with remote

Phone Noer Now on 076 555 6632 whatsapp for your enamel mugs and plates or solar and rechargeable lights wholesale or goto www.karas.co.za

Perfect Gift 

Are you looking for that perfect gift from a computer to a cellphone or any other product then
you will find it at http://www.compsource.com

    Contact Noer 076 555 6632 whatsapp
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In the past Factory shops in Cape Town were all the rage and it was  
considered an outing to go factory shop hunting. With the closure of many factories the gap
in the market was filled with Wholesalers in Cape Town that started to import their goods
 from China ,Indonesia , India and all over the world.
Wholesalers supplied their goods to customers cheaper than what the
local factories could
and that led to the closure of many of them. Cape Town was considered
as being the Factory shop capital of South Africa. It is cheaper to buy at a wholesaler
that imports ,  than at a factory shop.There are a lot of Chinese wholesalers
in Cape Town and also South Africa. They are wholesale suppliers of clothing,
handbags wholesale and wholesale shoes as well as kitchenware toys and novelties.


Another popular wholesale destination is Lansdowne and Athlone Industria 1 and 2 where there are a lot of importers and wholesale distributors of kitchenware,
plastic ware, crockery, glassware ,groceries and toys and also stationary wholesalers as well as spices and incents wholesalers and distributors.

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Noer Kara   ,                 JT FOXX    ,                         Peter Ripepi
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Dear Business Owner/ Marketing Manager
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Wholesalers in Cape Town

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Hi, my name is Noer and our website www.wholesalersincapetown.co.za caters specifically for your niche market and product.


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The Media says that 95 % of businesses fail in the first year of business and from the 5 % that do survive 95 % will close their doors in the next 5 Years.


My pain is your pain because, if you don’t succeed, I don’t succeed.  If you do a search on Google for Wholesalers in Cape Town we are on the first page and have more than 24 000 hits on our site www.wholesalersincapetown.co.za, that is 24 000 as at March 2014 potential new customers for your business.

Here is what I can do for you


1.     Advertise your business on our website for R500 per month.

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6.     We will also include a FREE counter on your webpage so that you can monitor how many customers come to your specific page. How many times have you not advertised in the print media and don’t know how many people really looked at your ad.

7.     We will also list you on 3 categories FREE on our site.

8.     If we don’t have your category on our site we can create one.

9.     If you don’t have a website this is the cheapest alternative to one or we can design one for you. Go to www.webdesignerhosting.co.za


I am interested what do I do next?

Contact me on wholesalersincapetown@gmail.com or Noer 076 555 6632

Send me the description of your business and contact details and the 10 pics

Your page will be up on our site within the next business day.

When you satisfied I will email you our banking details and you can make the EFT

You can cancel any time if you not satisfied with the results.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now on wholesalersincapetown@gmail.com or Noer on  076 555 6632


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