Wholesalers in Cape Town
Why pay Retail if you can buy Wholesale ?


Wholesalers in Cape Town

Ever wondered where do they (shops,fleamarketeers,boutiques,
cosmetic centers) buy their goods that they sell?

Are you always on the lookout for a Bargain ?
Why pay Retail if you can buy Wholesale?
We are the "go to" site if anybody are looking for Wholesalers
 ,Importers and Distributors of products in Cape Town, or are 
looking where to buy wholesale products at the best prices.
If you are looking to start your own business and don't know where 
to start this site will be able to give you direction and guidance.

Wholesalers ,Importers and Distributors
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Just think what this can do for your company.
What do you get for your R500 per month.
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Every business needs new clients all the time and what do new prospects do if they
search for anything they just Google it, and if you don't have a presence on the web
you are going to become extinct like the dinosaurs.
You are in business to get new clients and sell to them and service existing customers
over and over again.
Print media is expensive and internet marketing is the way of the future.
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If you have the product , there must be customers out there looking for it, they just can't find you.
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In this section you will find details about every wholesaler you can think of and also 
of those you never even thought about. 
From shoes, handbags, watches, fashion accessories, Plastic ware, glassware, 
kitchen ware, electrical fittings, cosmetics, Fashion clothing, Corporate clothing, catering chairs,
Furniture and Bedding, Airtime, Sweet 
and General merchants, Hardware, Scarves, hats and caps, flags and banners, Catering suppliers
Stationary, Sterling silver and gold,
Computers, T-shirts, socks, Rasta clothing 
and accessories, Watches,hair accessories,candles,gas and appliances , 


Shopfitting and 

Display Equipment

In this section you will
 find details of shop
fitting and display 
companies and also 


Advertising Rates

To List your business name and products you offer are FREE . Yes 
If you want your contact Details, Address ,email and web address 
then there will be a small fee of only R150 or a R1500 per year
 upfront. We can also link your website so that the potential
customer can go directly to your website.
If you don't have a website we can design a page on our website with your contact details and pictures of 20 of your products with descriptions for R500 per month as well as a free Google map to your business. Goto email info@wholesalersincapetown.co.za or www.webdesignerhosting.co.za

Useful tips an Sites

This would be one of the most important pages on this site        
where you will be able to find useful sites 
and tips if you want to start your own business or have an existing business and want to increase your sales. That is why you are in business to get new clients all the time and service your existing customers over and over again.


      How to

      This section will advise

you how to go about 

getting all your wants 

and needs and also 

expell some myths, 

like you need money to

 make money, Big risk 

,big return, all urban 



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