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The easiest business with the least amount of risk to start online is a where you can sell a product or service.

Products that are sold everyday on the internet include, Toy Store, Electronics, Apps, Pet accessories, Sports wear, Natural Health products etc. Your online business will be open 24 hours 7 days a week and 365 days of the year.

Amazon is the world's largest online store with thousands of products that are sold every single day.

What if you can buy a ready made Toy store that sells all the toys that are listed on Amazon and don't have to carry any inventory or stock. 


  • No rental to be paid .

  • No employees so no wages.

  • No electricity.

  • No telephone.

  • No stock to be bought.

  • No returns or broken products.

  • No stealing.

  • No inventory.

  • No bad debts.

  • No worry about any returns to suppliers or clients.

  • No handling any queries from any customers.

  • No sending any products to customers.

  • No closing of business.

Is so a business possible?

What if I can show you that it is possible .

What must you do to work on the business and not in the business ?

You just have to advertise the website on Google adwords, Facebook, Twitter in your emails to friends and any other marketing. 

How much will so a Toy Store cost?

If you want to open a brick an mortar business, you will need at least 2 -3 months rental upfront.
between R 100 000 to R 500 000 for stock
R 100 000 to R 200 000 for shopfitting , shelving and computers
and you still not even sure if you are going to make your overheads each and every month.

Contrast this with about R 2000 for a complete website that will include hosting + website designed 
Minimal risk

What must I do to have a business like this ?

Step 1

Decide what type of store you want to buy from Toys, health store, Pet store, Sportswear Store, Watch store, 
Cost would be $ 67 

Step 2 

Choose a website name for your store and buy it on Gridhost.
Cost would be R 150 for name reservation for the year + 12 x R 60 per year for hosting for a 4 gig e-commerce site.

Step 3

Register yourself on Amazon to become an afilliate and generate your afilliate code .


Step 4 

Start to advertise your website and make money with the commissions on each and every sale .

Step 5

Register yourself on Google Adsense and put the code into your website and make money when potential customers come to your website to buy and browse and also when they click on the Google ads.

Step 6 

Take your money to the bank.

Questions to ask yourself before you start any business or invest any money in any venture

1. Is it legal ?
A yes it is

2. Is there a big enough need or problem that I can solve with the business ?
A yes the need for products and commodities will always be there

3. Does the business have a solution to the problems of the customers ?
A yes it does have the solution to the problem

4. Can I make it happen ?
A yes I can make it happen

5. Will I have control over it ?
A yes you are the owner of the website

6. Am I willing to put the time , effort , mindset and money to make it happen ?
A that is the question you have to answer for yourself

7. What is the smallest risk I can take with the biggest return ?
A the smallest risk is +- R 2 000 compared to R 100 000 plus for a conventional brick and mortar store

8. Can I make the business work for me ? Can I work on the business and not in the business ?
A yes you can work on the business and not in the business

9. Is the business scalable ?
A yes it is scalable

10 . Can I automate the business ?
A yes the business is on auto pilot . It is open 365 days 7 days a week and can even make money while I sleep. 

11. What must I do on the business ?
A you just have to promote and market your website on Twitter, Facebook, Google ads etc.

What are you waiting for? 



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Google Adwords Campaign
What is  Google Adwords?
It is paid advertising on Google when you type in a search term and the ads 
that are displayed on top of the search results and on the right hand side of
 the page. It starts from about 7c (R0,07) per click up to what ever amount 
you are prepared to pay Google for the lead to go to your webpage.
If nobody clicks on the ad you don't pay. You only pay when somebody clicks 
on your ad and you can set a limit as how much you want to spend per day
 and how much per click you are prepared to pay.


Google adwords is usually an ad that is composed of 3 lines of text
The first line is normally your ad title.You get 25 characters including spaces
 to capture the attention of your prospect. It is the dominant element in your
 ad and contains the link users click on to go to your site.
The next two lines are for your description and each line contains a maximum
 of 35 characters including spaces.
The last line is the web address to which the ad links , so users know where
 the click will take them.
Before you start your Adwords campaign plan it , because as the saying goes

  "Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail"
Constructing a keyword list is an ongoing and never ending brainstorming
 exercise. you can go to Google type in keyword tool and it will take you to 
the site where you can see how many times in the last month the keyword
has been searched on Google globally or locally.
Brainstorm all new products, services, trends, and concepts and any and 
every keyword that you can think of to bring prospective customers to your 
Brainstorm every word or phrase related to your site or company , industry ,
products and services you sell.In brainstorming there are no rules. Look at 
sites similar to yours that rank on the first page on Google and see what 
keywords they use.
if you want a website designed go to www.webdesignerhosting.co.za
Lastly Business is a game . Don't take life to seriously. Remember the one 
that wins the game has the most fun, so enjoy the game.
I hope this article was of use and if you have any suggestions to improve 
it let us know.
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What is Marketing ?
Marketing are defined as an organizational function and a set of processes
 for creating , communicating and delivering value to customers and for
 managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization
 or business.
(AMA definition 2004)
Marketing is responsible for generating income. The PARETO principle 
states that 80:20 , that 20% of your customers are responsible for 80% 
of your business. Find out who the 20% are and start building relationships 
with them. The 80% are also responsible for most of the complaints in the
Marketing starts when the idea are hatched way before the first sale of 
your product or service.

Your Marketing Model must be divided into 3 levels
Level 1
1. Analyse the 4C's 
a) Customers
b) Competitors
c) Collaborators
d) Company
a) Customers
 Your marketing plan must be able to GET customers , KEEP customers
 and GROW customers and it must be able to build your BRAND and create 
RELATIONSHIPS while giving VALUE to your customers.
b) Competitors
Know who are you competitors in the market. Do some research on them.
c) Collaborators
Who can collaborate with you 
d) Company
What is your company strategy ?What is the processes that you have to 
follow and what is the Organisational structure?

Level 2
2. Directional Strategy Decisions (S.T.P)
a) Segmentation
b) Targeting
c) Positioning
Which part of the market will buy my product.
Geographic reflects where the customers are region, province or municipality.
Demographic reflects who the customers are, age , gender, income,family
 size, life cycle , occupation, education, religion and race.
Behavioural reflects how they behave in this usage category, like occasions,
 benefits, user status, usage status, loyalty status.
Psychographics reflects their lifestyle.
The LSM (Living Standard Measures) are a measure of wealth based on 
durables found in the household and covers the population aged 16 + years.
There are 10 LSM's in South Africa
LSM 1 are the lowest standard of living and LSM 10 are the highest
LSM 10-7 are considered the equivalent of first world consumers
LSM  4-6  are urban emerging market consumers
LSM  1-3 are rural and equivalent of the poorest consumers in the 
developing world
Check out www.saarf.co.za and click on the diy (do it yourself ) tab to see 
in which LSM bracket you fall


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