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Rechargeable LED lights in stock now call Noer 076 555 6632
Here are some of the comments from our happy customers on Bid or Buy               Noer Kara 076 555 6632
Rechargeable LED Light bulb for bayonet socket with remote
Great Seller, fast and efficient, goods received as ordered.
rated on 18 Jun 2015
by Coop1 (38 Rating score between 10 and 49)

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Karas Wholesale Suppliers are a sourcing company for enamel plates and mugs as well as glassware and crockery. Karas Wholesale Suppliers specialises in enamelware in Cape Town. We also sell the enamel mugs and plates on  BidorBuy .search under karas. We have been selling on Bidorbuy since 2006. Karas Wholesale Suppliers only sell via the internet. Contact us now on info@wholesalersincapetown.co.za or Noer 076 555 6632

 email your order to wholesalersincapetown@gmail.com


6 cm enamel mug R 8-00 each minimum 12 . Colours available green, white or beige. The diameter is 6 cm and the height is also 6 cm . 7cm enamel mugs also available in green, white and beige and it is R8-50 each and comes in packs of 12.
We also have 8 cm mugs in white , green or beige and the price is R 8-00 each minimum 12 in a pack. Any quantity available and yes we do have stock.

Enamel Mugs 6 cm diameter beige or green minimum 12 pc white enamel mugs - karas
SUPER fast and friendly service. Products received in good order
rated on 09 Jun 2015
by jackielr (31 Rating score between 10 and 49)

Contact Noer now on 0765556632  or barakat786@telkomsa.net or at info@wholesalersincapetown.co.za
22 cm , 24 cm soup plate                      6 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm mug               8 cm stainless steel mug

18 cm , 20 cm , 22 cm stainless steel bowl . 18 cm is R15-00 , 20 cm is R 20 , 22 cm R30 minimum 12 per size

 22 cm enamel soup plate                     6 cm or 8 cm or 10 cm enamel mug     Stainless steel 8 cm mug R12 each
Also available are the 22 cm soup bowl for R 15-00 each and the minimum quantity are 12. The colours available are white, green and beige. We do have stock. We also do deliveries in and around Cape Town.
The 24 cm and 26 cm enamel soup bowl are R 20 each and the minimum are 12 you can buy up to any quantity.

                                                          18 cm Veg dish with handles and lid R55 each minimum 3 Pack in green and beige

Also available are the 22 cm rice plate in green, white and beige and are R15 -00 each and the minimum quantity is 12 per pack.
The 24 cm and the 26 cm enamel rice plate are R20-00 each and the minimum quantity are 12. We also do deliveries in and around Cape Town at a fee.
We also have 16 cm in diameter cash bowls in white ,green and beige available and the price is R 15-00 each and the minimum quantity is 12. 
18 cm cash bowls are R 20 each also available in green , white and beige. Also available in beige 34 cm enamel basin for R 50 each and a 40 cm enamel basin for R 60 each, 50 cm basin R120 each ,60 cm basin R180-00 each and 70 cm basin R200 each.

Do you have a catering business and are looking for enamel plates and mugs then you must contact Noer now on 076 555 6632 or send an email to barakat786@telkomsa.net. A lot of clients are looking for that unique experience with enamelware for their weddings and party functions, be it on the beach or in the bush or private reserve game farms. Enamelware are also used in canteens or factories where you customers break a lot of you glasses and plates and enamel is very difficult to break.

Quick and Fast Delivery
Karas Wholesale Suppliers has been selling enamelware for the last couple of years and our quick response from same day delivery or next day delivery depending when payment has been made and cleared. You can also pick up your goods at our premises at 28 Block Road , Kenwyn, Cape Town as soon as payment has been cleared.

Karas Wholesale Suppliers caters for a large variety of customers from people starting out their businesses ,to catering companies looking for glassware ,crockery, catering crates, glasses, catering plates. Below are some of the products that are stocked at Karas Wholesale Suppliers. 
Contact us on 0765556632 wholesalersincapetown@gmail.com 

Face cloth 30cm x 30cm R45 pack of 10                                                      Gents Socks R8-50 pair minimum 12 pairs
        yoga mat exercise mat 176 cm x 61 cm x 6 mm with silver under can also be used for camping
 yoga mat exercise mat 176 mm x 61 mm x 6mm ideal for camping
Here are some of the comments from some of our satisfied customers on Bidorbuy 

rated on 21 Jul 2015
by lizelwild (30 Rating score between 10 and 49)

Wayfarer sunglasses clear lens black frame
Amazing and speedy service- order in the morning and had the item by the afternoon- would recommend this buyer.
Wayfarer Sunglasses white plastic frame
Great Service !!!
rated on 18 Jul 2015
by AustinValentine (18 Rating score between 10 and 49 
Wayfarer Sunglasses Wholesale minimum 20 pairs
Very good communication and service from seller plus speedy delivery. Ordered late Thursday night, delivered early Friday morning in Cape Town.
rated on 21 Nov 2014
by TLotter (1)
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Are you looking for enamel mugs and bowls and soup plates and have been trying to get it but just don't know where. Contact us now and we can do a delivery for you in and around Cape Town. Any quantity available in white, beige and green. We do have stock. Contact us now 076 555 6632. 

4,5 L Enamel catering Kettle R 220 and 4 cup kettle R 50 and 6 cup R 60 and     18 cm , 20 cm and 22 cm aluminium kettles also available. 7 cm Stainless Steel goblets and 8 cm stainless Steel glasses also available.

Stainless steel tray 34,5 cm x 24 cm @ R70     stainless steel tray 27,5 cm x 20,5 cm @ R40
8cm stainless Steel chutney bowl R10 each minimum 12                                  Ice Bucket Stainless Steel 19,5 cm diameter x 19,5 cm high and base 14,5 cm R100 minimum 6 
                                                          Small Ice Bucket 13,5cm diameter x 11,5cm high x 10,5 cm base

Are you looking to start your own catering company or do you have an existing catering company , and are looking for more suppliers that have stock when you need it ? and not have to wait up to 6 weeks till their stock arrives if ever. Your event is now and you need the goods now.

Welcome to Karas Wholesale Suppliers
Our contact details are 076 555 6632  wholesalersincapetown@gmail.com
We also do deliveries in and around Cape Town.
Also available are chafing dishes 8L double and single. We do have in stock. If you are looking for chafing dishes in Cape Town then come to Karas Wholesale Suppliers.

Our speciallity is glassware like Champagne glasses, Red wine and White wine glasses as well as Zombie glasses,
Hi Ball glasses , Glass wine buckets and Catering white plates in round and square. We also have side plates as well as bowls . We also have cutlery.

We are also wholesalers of enamel mugs in 6 cm and 8 cm and enamel rice plates and enamel soup plates in 22 cm, 24 cm and 26 cm diameter as well as cash bowls in 16 cm.
Contact us on 076 555 663 or mail to:  wholesalersincapetown@gmail.com

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Always wanted to know where to buy wholesale glasses and catering supplies? Well there you have it.

Are you looking buy cotton bandanas wholesale in Cape Town in all colours then contact us on 076 555 6632
Colours available black, red ,green, navy blue, powder blue, pink, white, orange ,yellow,purple, lime green. Inquire if there is a particular colour you want. Any quantity available of cotton bandannas. We also have country flags available 150 cm x 90 cm . South African bandannas, USA and UK Union Jack Bandannas also available.
Also the latest craze of Loom bands as advertised on TV 

Baseball Cape Embroided R35 each minimum12 assorted

Twisted Scarves all the different Leopard prints R15 each minimum 24 pieces assorted
40 CM X 175 CM     
Cowboy Hats in brown, black and suede R45 each
Ladies long summer dresses R140 each minimum 12 assorted pieces
GLS029                                            GLS031
Bavarian Pilsener Glass             Zombie Glass 6 Pack
  Willy Glass                          Hi Ball Glasses 6 pack
                  Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Ribbed and plain
GLS065                                   GLS077 / Lucky 66        
5 oz glass 6 pack                     Lucky Glass 6 pack
BRZ017                                                  BRZ021                                      
 Bandannas Assorted Colours   
Black /Brown/Beige/Green/       Army colour camouflage bandanna                  
South African flag with soccer    Australian Flag 145 x 90 cm        
USA , Germany, France, Holland, Switzerland  Palestine flags 
also available
 world cup countries 145 x 90 cm   New Zealand Flag also 
available   Mexico most countries 145 cm x 90 cm
England ,France flag                        India flag                          
Nigeria, England, Switzerland, Holland flag
145cm x 90cm                      145cm x 90cm                                    
Assorted Bandanas       Brazil ,USA SA bandananas 54cm x54cm  
Assorted scarves available

Chafing Dishes 8L            Stainless steel chafing dishes                  
Stainless Steel
Single Chafing dish            Stainless Steel plates
Stainless Steel                        Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Teapot 900 ml     Stainless Steel Mug 8 cm          
If you are interested in a page on our site it will be R 500 per month 
with a small write up as well as 
20 photos of your products or services you supply.
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